Holistic Healing for Women Pregnant, Postpartum and Beyond

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Dr. Alison Zebron is a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy, health coach and trained birth and postpartum Doula serving the city of San Diego! She specializes in pelvic health for women. She is available to help you on your journey in motherhood whether your prenatal, in labor, postpartum or years postpartum!

Holistic healing isn’t just one solution for everyone. Healing holistically looks at each person as an individual and finds what tools of healing work best for them!


Pelvic Floor PT and Wellness

Pelvic Floor PT is all about strengthening your muscles down under! The muscles that involve babies,pee, poop and sex!

Doula Services

A doula means woman who serves. During birth or when you go home a doula is a great piece of your motherhood journey to help comfort you in labor, educate you so you are informed and help you transition home with your new little one. Breastfeeding troubles be gone with one phone call away!. Simple issues no problem. You dont have to be in pain.

Stress and Anxiety Health Coaching

Stressed out? Panic Attacks? Anxious? Depressed? Have you tried medicine, psychotherapy and nothing is working? Health coaching can help you in natural lifestyle change approach to recovery!

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Email: thebirthpt@yahoo.com

Phone: 5163133494